Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You Can't Please All of the People All of the Time

So it was brought to my attention that it's mid-April and I haven't posted in a while. Yeah yeah yeah. I'm busy and I don't have an internet connection at home right now. (due to a money-saving strategy) At the moment I'm not even sure where my laptop's at--it's buried somewhere in my apartment amidst stacks of boxes. So today I am blogging from an undisclosed location.

In two days (count them--2!) I finally close on my house! It has been a real pain in the posterior to get all of the information rounded up that the lender keeps asking for. At one point I even had to send them a copy of my mother's bank statement because she gave me $500 for the earnest money! They wouldn't accept a simple "my mom gave it to me." Whatever. At least they dropped the whole repairs thing.

Some good news--my broker told me my closing costs are likely to be less than he originally told me. Yippee! I can afford more paint! Also, I paid off my car yesterday. I called the bank to find out what my final payment would be next month and was told "$93.06." So I asked, "that's $93.06 plus this month's payment?" "No, just $93.06." I had that check written before I even got the phone hung up.

Now for some bad news--my cat's missing. Nick, the big guy pictured at the top of this blog, hasn't been seen since Saturday. My grandparents are pretty worried about him and they've been scouring the neighborhood looking for him and have even checked the local pound. He's disappeared for a day or so before, but never for this long. Hopefully he's just hanging out at someone's house living the high life for a few days. If anyone in Justin happens to be reading this, please let me know if you see a big, fluffy, black and white cat sashaying around town.