Thursday, January 31, 2008

911, How Can I Not Help You?

So, 'round about Thanksgiving, I got new neighbors in my apartment building. The prospect wasn't too bad--that apartment had been empty for a few months, and I had enjoyed knowing my old neighbors. It'd be kind of nice to have new people around. AS IF!! This chick became a living nightmare. I have never lived near anyone who had less concern for those forced to share the same space. She and her "posse" were always in and out at all hours, slamming the door, yelling each others names, having loud conversations right outside my front door. Honestly, I never knew who exactly or how many really lived there. What a total annoyance. Calgon, give me back my peace and quiet!

One night I was awakened at 3 a.m. by someone pounding on her front door (this is an example of how closely we are forced to live). I panic at first because I think it's someone at my door. No, it's for her. I head back to bed, get back to sleep, and two hours later, what happens?? Someone pounding on this bitch's door again! This happened two more times before I was out of the apartment for the day, and at exact two-hour intervals--3, 5, 7, and 9. I left before the 11 o'clock showed up. I don't know what the chick was selling over there, but her appointments showed up on time.

Two days later, I get home from work and I'm minding my own business sitting on the couch watching TV. I hear her group slamming in and out next door--my windows were rattling every time that door reverberated. Next thing I know there's a screaming match taking place on our shared doorstep! Seems $700 disappeared from someone's purse and they were giving one of the guys the third degree at volume 11 in front of God and everyone. I hear this guy protesting and screaming back "I don't care! You just call the cops!" And he's doing it repeatedly in a tone I can only refer to as "monkey screech." After several minutes of this I did as he said and called 911 to report the public disturbance/domestic dispute. I'm on the phone with the 911 operator as this storm rages outside my door and she can hear every word that's being screamed. She promises to send someone out, especially when I tell her I am afraid someone is about to be physically harmed. This was at 6 pm.

I then call one of my friends just to share my astonishment at what is occurring on my front step. I'm standing in my kitchen and she can hear everything that was going on. My two cats are freaking out and racing around because they don't know what the hell is happening.

Around 6:20 the screaming stops and they all scatter like roaches when the lights flip on. I hear/feel the front door slam. At 6:30, I finally hear the cops knocking on her door. And get this--even though I am sitting in my living room, I barely hear them! Quite different from my neighbor and her gang. Of course, no one's answering the door over there. After a couple of minutes I hear one of the cops say "must have been a dispute between the owner and resident--they probably owe money and he's trying to stop them from moving out." Wow. Takes a lot of police work to follow something down the wrong path, doesn't it? I gave 911 all my contact information. Three weeks later and I'm still waiting for a follow-up.

I called the apartment management the next morning and reported my laundry list of issues with this neighbor. She was evicted that day, and not just for the issues I had--evidently she was already walking a thin line with them. Now I'm back to peace and solitude--at least until they find some idiot to take over my lease! Home ownership, here I come!!

Meetings and Dead Horses

The next time I go into a meeting regarding our department's system conversion, I'm bringing a dead horse and a bat. We'd probably make more progress taking turns whacking on the poor thing. Honestly, how many times can you go over the same damn things before your head explodes?!?!? I walk out of every meeting with a pounding head due to all the frustration of never being able to move forward and indigestion from having had to swallow all my comments about how useless these meetings are.

That's it--I'm headed for home and the bottle of Tylenol. At least tomorrow is Friday!

What's it all about, Alfie?

OK, so I keep looking for someplace to discuss the things that matter to me, in a much more laid-back way than some of these other blogs are written. I'm kind of a "whatever" type person, anyway. Give me plain English over hoity-toity five-dollar words any day (although I am fairly well-versed in such lexicon.) Starting this blog also opens up an opportunity for my friends and I to discuss life and share ideas--and rip on each other for poor showings at the bowling

I just bought my first house and have been traumatized by the whole searching, lending, bargaining, you-mean-I-still-have-to pay-how-much? of it all, so that will probably make up
a good bit of my first few posts. Next will be how I get out of my lease. (Anyone need a 1 bedroom roach motel??) Then moving, and the whole DIY phase of life as I put my personal stamp on the house.