Monday, March 31, 2008

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200, Go Straight to Jail

OK, so I have had some days that were weird, but this one's starting to take the cake. Started out innocently enough, just yet another busy Monday trying to juggle my job and a system update. Nothing I can't handle, despite my body feeling like it's been hit by a train (that's another story, which involves chasing a rabbit for 5 hours!)

Oh but wait, I'm trying to buy a house, too!

My innocent Monday was knocked off track by an email from Becky at my mortgage broker's office that stated "The appraiser noted a couple of things about the property that need to be taken care of before purchase. Since this is a HUD home I know they will not make any repairs. A toilet must be placed in the master bath and ceiling light fixtures set in the gameroom and bedrooms. Let me know if you can get these done, I'll have to send the appraiser back out to inspect after they are done."

I told Becky I was aware of the problems and they were first on my list of things to take care of upon closing. Because, let's face it, this isn't the 18th century, and you can't really live in a house without a toilet. Kind of makes things desperate. And the whole missing toilet thing leads to more questions like: "why on earth would someone take a toilet with them when the move out??" They also stripped out all the ceiling fans in the bedrooms. No sweat, at least not until summer.

Becky's email back to me wasn't that encouraging: "Yes, sorry the lender is very cautious about the condition of HUD homes, its a pain but they protect you and the investment into the property. The title company requires that I have the loan docs there about 5 days before closing and I won't be able to get those docs until I get the approval which is affected by the repairs.....yuck! Let me know so I can send him back out for inspection."

Okay. Sounds simple enough, right? Repairs=Funding. All I need to do is get HUD to allow me access to the property in order to make these few minor repairs and then my funding will be released and the sale can go through. Evidently my broker has actually encountered this type of thing before and had no problem being able to resolve it.

But wait, this is me we're talking about. I got on the phone with my agent, told them what was happening, and let Connie make the call to HUD and arrange all this. In the meantime, I got on the phone with my dad and asked him to help me take care of these things this weekend. Well, he's not really available because he's going turkey hunting (yet another story), but he could come "sometime" in the afternoon. Never mind that I need to schedule an exact time for my agent to meet us there in order to let us in.

Well, Dad gets to go turkey hunting after all and take as long as he wants to do it. Connie called me back after she spoke with someone at HUD, and left me a message because I was in yet another conference call regarding the system upgrade (yes, I still have to work despite trying to buy a house). Her voicemail had me laughing out loud based on the sheer madness of the information she relayed. To paraphrase: there is no way we can do that, because HUD does not make repairs, it is still government property and to attempt it would mean the loss of earnest money and property and prosecution for trespassing. If someone had ever told me that trying to purchase a home would offer me my first threat at jail time, I would have laughed in their face. Hell, I'm laughing right now!

Honestly, can nothing work smoothly in this lifetime? HUD did suggest that the money for the repairs be placed in escrow and a time limit of 30 days be given for the repairs to be made after closing. Well, seeing as how this sounds pretty reasonable to me (because hey, so did the first suggestion!) there's no way it will work out.

So here I sit, in the midst of a Catch-22: No repairs+no funding=no sale for HUD, who won't allow the repairs that will get me the funding. You'd think they'd bend a little in order to ensure the sale. I mean, there's no way I'm backing out once I've got money invested in the property. At this point in the day, Becky has a call in to the underwriter to see what they think about HUD's suggestion, so I likely won't hear an answer before tomorrow. I am resolving myself to letting them settle the matter.

Days like this are why God gave us Xanax.

Monday, March 24, 2008

That's All I Need--More Crap

Haven't posted much recently because let's face it, I just haven't felt all that sarcastic. But things are looking up. We have a new baby in the family--Noah Daxton was born on Thursday and came into the world weighing a whopping 6lbs. 10 oz.(I still have yet to see him, even though he was born in a hospital not that far from where I live). He arrived a bit early because my cousin had toxemia, so they induced on Thursday morning.

New babies are great, so long as they aren't mine. I like to do the spoiling, the buying of noisy toys that I won't have to put up with, and the "Isn't he precious? Now go home" thing. I prefer the bragging about how cute they are to the actual raising. Just ask my coworkers--they have been forced to see every one of my nephew's school pictures, and I just bask in their praise.

More news: the closing on my house is set for April 18th. Yippee! Not sure which I am looking forward to more--the actual ownership of a house, or the seven vacation days I am taking in order to paint, repair and move. Tough call, since I haven't taken an actual vacation since I started this job!

My mortgage guy is great. I've said that before and am saying it again. He's great. Mostly because he won't bullshit me. As he was leaving my office the other day after getting me to sign away my life for the next 30 years, he told me he's not the kind of guy who sends baskets of junk when people buy houses. Aw damn! Didn't he know that's why I got myself into this whole thing?? It's for the gift baskets of crap I don't need!

Hey, I'm thankful I dodged a bullet there. LOL. You should see all the stuff I have to move. I've got a one bedroom apartment stacked full of boxes, more stuff in my aunt's garage, and even a few pieces of furniture stashed in a storage unit. I keep forcing myself not to go shopping because I'm sure there are forgotten treasures hidden away in boxes (and probably a ton of crap I can get rid of, too!)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Save the Planet... It's the Only One with Chocolate

So, I had a conversation with my aunt yesterday that traveled this route:

As we were leaving the dollar store, I handed her a bag with a gallon jug of water in it.
Me: Why do they insist on wasting plastic bags on something that already has a handle?
My Aunt: *sigh* Just don't worry about it.
Me: Don't they know that by not using them in such situations they can have a positive impact on the environment?
My Aunt: Don't sweat the small stuff.
Me: *exasperated, throws hands up in the air.* (Honestly, how can you argue with a brick wall who refuses to see that this "small stuff" adds up?)

We drive back to her house. She starts complaining about the way her neighbor trimmed his trees.
Me: They're his trees.
My Aunt: He could have at least trimmed them to look better!
Me: "Don't sweat the small stuff." heeheeheehee

I keep warning her that whenever she says stuff like "don't sweat the small stuff" or "just get over it" to me I'm going remember it and send it back her way. Why should I allow her to dismiss my feelings when she harps to me about things, as well?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Where's Homer?

Totally crap day at work. Too much stress, not enough employees, and the carryover from the weekend just broke me. I spent the morning crying in my office. How embarrassing is that?? Someone would talk to me, I'd start to cry, they asked me what was wrong, I cried more. Geez, Louise! Pull yourself together, woman! B.H. loaded me up with some leftover German Chocolate B-day cake and I started to feel better. It's amazing what you can handle with a mouthful of cake. Ummmm, caaakkke.

But now, my favorite Homer Simpson pencil is missing. Whoever took it better bring it back, because I'm out of cake! WAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Quit

Dear Creditors, Family, Supervisors, Project "Managers," Cats who refuse to get along, idiot Bicyclers who insist upon riding down highways with no shoulders, State Highway employees who can't get roadsigns in place, and especially my Bank--which I just drove more than 50 miles roundtrip in order to make a deposit, despite their promise that I could use a Wells Fargo ATM to make such a transaction:

I quit.

The towel is thrown in. The straw has broken the camel's back. You can take everything and shove it. I'm tired of sounding like a whiny bitch everytime I open my mouth. I want to be happy and carefree, instead of panicked about what crap will next be shoveled onto my already-full plate. I'm packing what I can carry and heading to Mexico. You can find me on a beach somewhere. But please don't. Let me have my illusion that I could actually drop everything and go sell woven straw hats or something.

Happy Birthday, BK!

Today is my dear sister/friend BK's birthday.

(I'd post a picture, but I can't seem to find one electronically. Will have to keep searching. There's got to be one somewhere. Hmmmm....)

BK and I have been friends for several years now. Through the years, we have supported one another through thick and thin--relationship issues, relocations, job changes and problems, hurricanes. No matter what we're there for each other, even if the only thing we can do is lend a shoulder to cry on.

A lot of people have met their mates online, I found my sister. We joke about how we wish we could trade our biological sisters because the man upstairs definitely put our families together wrong. We really believe our sisters would be better off together (and we'd be better off w/out them! *wink*)

We met thanks to a fundraising project endorsed by Keith Urban. We worked together through email with others to put together the first Keith Urban Fans calendar, with all proceeds going to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The first calendar was a fantastic success and the tradition continues to this day, although BK and I are no longer involved with the process. But that first calendar opened up the doorway to our friendship and I am thankful to Keith for the friends he has brought me--although probably rather unknowingly on his part! (if you are interested in purchasing the latest calendar, go to www.

I raise a toast to you, BK, Happy Birthday and thanks for being my friend. I owe you a couple of meals (and more!) when you come up here to help me move!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's Snowing Penguins and Polar Bears and Harp Seals and Walruses!!

So the snow on Monday was nothing compared to what's going on right now. Big, fat, wet flakes of snow. Note this--March 6, 2008 and we've gotten at least 7 inches of snow! What is the deal, Mother Nature??

We shut down the office early in order to get everyone home safely--because no one in Texas actually knows how to drive in this weather. S.G. left even earlier since the school district shut down and she had to go grab the kids. Unfortunately, she did not make it home easily--she got shoved off the road by a semi and rolled her pickup down a slope into the front yard of a home. Thankfully it all happened at extremely slow speed and she is unhurt. It's quite possible her truck is unharmed, even if it is lying on its side, but it's still where she left it. She called me at the office to ask me to call her neighbor and ask her to go meet the school bus, and then she started out walking to get home, despite the thick snow falling and carrying her 4-year-old. A good samaritan stopped and picked her up. Hats off to him for being so kind and taking care of my friend and godson.

After cleaning several inches of snow off my car, I left the office and crawled my way home. My route takes me uphill pretty much all the way, so I prepared myself for a few spins and slides. I didn't encounter any problems until I got to the university and came upon a bit of a traffic jam. One of the students had spun out and two guys were helping her get her truck straightened up and on its way. I could have gone around, but felt it best to stay put and not get in the way--and possibly slide right into them. She headed on her way, the two guys got back in their own truck and I followed them on up the road. These two stopped twice more to help one person nudge their car up into their drive and to help the driver of a Lincoln get traction. Neither of them were dressed for the weather, but they never paused in their decision to stop and help. Days like this really make you believe the world can be saved. My car thankfully never slid once (and I have been a nervous wreck driving in bad weather since I wrecked on the ice a few years ago) and I made it home without any problems. However, the 2-mile distance I drove took me 30 minutes.

I got home, changed out of my wet shoes and into my snow boots and went back out. Some of the kids in the complex were out building snowmen and having a good time. I took my camera out to get a few shots. Here's a few in a short photo essay:

Close-up of the tree on the front sidewalk. Not two minutes after I was beneath it, I heard a loud "crack" and saw that one of the big limbs had split off.

This is a view of the church across the street. Can't really see the church, but the trees are pretty.

Turtle in the front window wishing he could go out.

A view from the back door. Notice the buildup of snow on the top of the fence.

I realized I really wasn't prepared for bad weather, food-wise, so I decided to walk the two blocks to the grocery store and stock up on what I could carry. I bundled up and headed out, made it down the hill on which our complex sits without slipping and and tumbling into the street, crossed the street, and headed on my way.

Things were going well, no slipping, no falling, just the tired sensation I was getting from walking through snow and wearing heavy snow boots. It felt like I was walking with ankle weights on. I was almost to the store when a truck comes flying along trailing a wake of slush and mud that flew about 12 feet high. I tried to turn my back to it, but wasn't quick enough. I was covered from head to toe in wet, freezing muck. Great. Another scene to add to the movie of my life.

Made it to the store, grabbed a few things, warmed up a bit, and then headed back out. As soon as I got to the sidewalk, along comes a tow truck that splashed me with another coating of muck. I think he managed to cover the two spots the other one missed.

Deciding to avoid the street as much as possible, I cut through the empty lot behind the church and then through the church parking lot. If it hadn't been for the sound of traffic, I would have been able to pretend I was on a nature walk in the woods. It was beautiful walking through the trees with the snow falling.

The snow has stopped for now, and the snow advisory has been canceled. We're now just under a winter storm warning until 6 am. Hopefully the sand trucks can get a good coating on the streets before I have to get out there at 5 am tomorrow morning. That's going to be a fun commute!

Happy Birthday To You!

Anyone remember the episode of Happy Days when Fonzie signed Happy "Born"day to his deaf girlfriend? I always think of that when I think of the birthday song.

Anyhoo, today is B.H.'s birthday! And since Superman did not show up to turn back time, she's still older than I am. (a fact I never pass up an opportunity to remind her of. *evil laugh*)

Unfortunately, I am swamped with meetings regarding our system upgrade, so won't be able to join the gang for her birthday lunch. :-( I owe you one!

Enjoy the chocolates and the card. And thanks for being such a great friend. There aren't that many people who will put up with my spastic sarcastic personality. You're a keeper!
(And I am a dead woman for posting that pic.)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm So in Love with You, Honey

Tuesday, I fell head over heels in love. Again. This time, it's for real. I swear. He is the absolute sweetest, gentlest guy I've ever met. And I think he loves me too! In fact, we've already moved in together and things are going swell!

Now, Mom, before you grab the phone and call to yell at me, look at his picture and you'll see why I'm so in love.

This is Tom Jones, and I found him at the SPCA. He's about 12 pounds with big ol' snowshoe feet. He just purred and trilled when I found him and started petting him through the bars of his cage. Of course I was hooked. We walked out together that afternoon. He likes to cuddle and is very polite--he has this quiet meow that is so sweet! He reminds me so much of Nicky.

I have to admit that it hasn't been completely smooth sailing since we got home.

haven't exactly welcomed him with open paws.

Turtle treats him with complete disdain. No reaction when Tom comes up to him, he just turns his head away and gives me a look that clearly says "I can't believe you did this to me again." But I'm certain he will thaw soon. He always does. I just have to make sure he keeps getting his fair share of attention.

Sam is very vocal in his disapproval. Every time he even thinks Tom is anywhere near, he flattens himself on the floor and starts hissing, spitting and growling. He hasn't gone after Tom and attacked him, and Tom just ignores him, but this has got to stop! I can't take the stress. He got shut in the bathroom this morning just so I could get a little peace. This evening I got out the water bottle to spray him with so I wouldn't have to keep yelling at him.

Things will be a bit snug around here until we move into our new house, but I think we will survive until then. If not, Sam will probably get dropped on my sister's doorstep. (Not that I can really stomach the idea of giving up one of my pets, but sometimes a divorce is the only option!)

One last pic for the night. Here's Turtle sacked out earlier this evening on his favorite new bed. It's a blanket I crocheted just using rectangular blocks of color. No pattern or gauges, I just kept going until I ran out of yarm. I call it a modified log cabin pattern. B.H. calls it my blanket of many colors. All the cats love it because it is so soft. I love it because it is warm!

If You Can't be a Good Example....

at least be a horrible warning.

In my ongoing efforts to protect the world from repeating my horrible mistakes, I like to pass on things I've learned the hard way. Last night was a big one. Ready? Here goes....

DO NOT smash your thumb in the door one hour before you have to be at the bowling alley for league night.

It really would have been better for my team if I had just stayed home after that. My thumb is still swollen and getting it into that ball last night was an exercise in torture. Despite just getting the tip of my thumb into the ball, I still managed to get it stuck quite often. Every release it felt like my poor thumb was being ripped off.

I was bowling like crap and just trying to grit my teeth and get through three games when in the second game the ball and my thumb refused to part ways somewhere towards the end of the game. My arm swung up, and up, and the ball refused to release. My arm was almost above my head when basic physics took over and the ball flies up in the air, pain explodes up my arm, the ball goes straight up, comes straight back down, hits the lane, and bounces magnificently into the gutter. I turn around to see my team, other teams, and my friends with varying looks of disbelief and hilarity on their faces. It was one of those Funniest Home Video-winning moments, and no one had a danged camera! I was doubled over cradling my arm and hand and hysterically laughing my butt off because it was so funny (hey, if you can't laugh at yourself!!) and almost crying because my thumb and now my arm hurt so bad.

I managed to pull myself together and at least get the ball aimed at the pins on the next try. I think I might have hit one or two that time. The last game is still a blur of pain and I finished the series with scores of 90, 101, and 110. (My average is 134.)

Thankfully my teammates did well and we managed to take the series from the number one team. That's what teams are for--even when you're the lead weight around their necks dragging everyone down, you can still come out a winner. Here's to you, B.H. and Wawas. I raise my battered thumb in your honor. I'd raise my arm, too, but it hurts too much.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Movie of My Life

So, when someone finally decides to stop recycling old TV shows into campy movies and pays more attention to stories about regular folk, I would like to suggest myself as a subject. I even have the opening credit shot.

Picture this: a wide shot of a near-empty warehouse with my character--played by Angelina Jolie (of course!)-- wearing casual business wear and heels. She's walking along at a steady pace when suddenly, she TRIPS over NOTHING!! She rights herself and just keeps on walking to a doorway. This movie, of course, will be a black comedy.

Yes, that is me. I can walk across a completely bare floor in my bare feet and trip over nothing at all. I always have bruises on my legs I can't remember getting. Usually I have to compare it to the height of a piece of furniture. (This one on my shin is about dishwasher door height, this one on my hip exactly matches the height of the dresser....) I pretty much stopped wearing shorts to the bowling alley because everyone kept asking who was beating me up. I will probably be the only person to show up in the ER with a black eye and my response to the "how did this happen" question will be a truthful "I walked into a door." My boss has actually watched me walk into the doorjam of my own office. Or after a fall down the stairs: "the cat tripped me." I probably need to baby-proof my living area just for my own safety.

On the brighter side... the sun is out, the temps are rising, and the snow has melted. Such ends a Texas winter.

My car window is fixed and I had to laugh when I walked over to take a look at it--there's black tape holding the window in. I joked with John about that being the reason why he was so much cheaper than the others. LOL!! But seriously, it's holding the window in place until the glue dries. I can take it off tomorrow. It is not, in fact, yet another redneck shortcut to repair.

I must be off. I have a secret mission I will report on later.

Monday, March 3, 2008

It's Snowing Penguins and Polar Bears!

(I figured if it can rain cats and dog and bunnies can deliver eggs, then other animals ought to get in on this as well! LOL!!)

I can't believe it's March and it's snowing in north Texas. It is now 40 degrees cooler than it was this time yesterday and snow is falling. At least it is not predicted to stick and warmer temps on their way tomorrow.

Just Another Manic Monday

Ahhh, what a day. It's cold, rainy, and getting worse. But at least I didn't have to wear a box on my head to get from my house to my car this morning (yeah, I warned you, B.H.!)

My realtor dropped off my contract at the HUD office this morning (sidenote: I love how he keeps saying "our" in reference to everything. Cute!) and I now get to sit and wait patiently for the next 7-10 days for them to finalize it (not easy to do when you have OCD) and then I get to do my inspection and cool my heels until the closing date. Which--according to my calculations--should be the day before my birthday!!

OMG!! I could actually start moving into my own home on my thirty-*cough* *cough* birthday! Erk! I have to say that I never thought I would be this age and purchasing a home all by my lonesome, but such is the case. I never thought I'd be doing a lot of things on my own, but that's the way life is. No sense worrying over unspilt milk. And it took a lot of therapy to say that. LOL!!

Now if I could just convince S.G. that I don't want to automatically marry every guy she introduces me to. She's like a matchmaker on speed. Our phone conversation last night went something like this:

S.G.: Guess who will be at the bowling alley Tuesday night at 9?
Me: Ummmm... me?
S.G.: And.....?
Me: Ummm... no clue.
S.G.: Josh!
Me: Who? (sorry Josh!)
S.G.: My brother-in-law!
Me: Oh! OK, now I remember!
S.G.: You two really need to hook up, and then when you get married, my kids' godparents will be together!!
Me: (silently) Eeeekkkk!!!!!!!

All right. I haven't met Josh yet, but after reading his MySpace blog, I think he's pretty danged funny and someone I will probably enjoy hanging out with. As for meeting and heading straight for the courthouse for a marriage license, umm, I'm going to have to throw on the brakes here. The more I feel pushed into something, the less likely it is to happen. More than one poor guy has been chilled by my icy reaction when I feel like I'm being pushed. My buddy Timmy thinks I should patent that frozen stare. It's like an Antarctic Blue Steel (and if you get that reference, you're all right in my book!)

I actually kind of like my quiet, dorky life. I can get up in the mornings and not worry about morning breath or how high up my hair is sticking. And I can bum around on the weekends wearing my glasses and looking like my alter ego Super Nerd Girl. (shhh--she fights evil at flea markets with crocheted scarves and dusty books!) It's going to take someone pretty special to get me to open up and allow him in to see that. I'll have to love someone a lot to share closet space, wash his dirty tidy whities, and clean up his kitchen messes. Not that I consider myself perfect (although I am!) but at least my messes are my messes.

On a completely different note: my car window is getting fixed tomorrow! Yippee!! I can return my aunt's nondescript sedan to her and get my fun little Tracker back. But she's not too thrilled about driving it the 17 miles to get here with the busted back window. I have to admit, it is a bit chilly for that.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Random Sunday Thoughts

Around 8:30 this morning there was a knock on my door. Now, I can't remember the last time someone I know showed up unannounced, so needless to say, my first instinct was not to answer the door. Especially since I was dressed in a nightshirt I've owned since high school. (So that makes it at least *mumble*-teen years old). I peek through the peephole and see my friend S.G., so I open up the door while trying to hide my ratty nighty behind the door and wishing my hair wasn't standing on end. She laughs, hands me a breakfast burrito and a litter box, and heads back to her car, with me yelling "thanks!" after her. LOL!! You have to know S.G. to understand our friendship. She keeps threatening to give me her kids at least twice a day. The burrito was because she was out on a breakfast run and the litter box was because it was new and she no longer has a cat.

Spent most of today just trying to get my apartment in order so I can start packing. And when I say "in order" I mean wandering about trying to decide what I won't need before the move so it can be packed. I managed two whole boxes before I gave up. I love how with every move I start out trying to be super organized and have all the boxes labeled with their contents and which room they go into. The day before the move I know I will just be tossing everything willy-nilly into boxes and deciding to sort it out later.

Worked on a few crochet projects I've been trying to get finished and realized I still haven't posted the baby blanket pics. I took the pics with my aunt's camera and am still waiting for her to email them to me. When I called her today to ask for them, she told me that blanket is in the baby bag my cousin is taking to the hospital. Awwww! Baby Noah will be coming home covered in my handiwork. Guess that answers my question about whether or not she liked it! The little one is due April 1st, but my cousin is ready for his arrival. She is huge and miserable!

Last thought for the day: Ever think fate is trying to tell you something? Evidently I'm supposed to meet someone named John. My mortgage guy's name is John, my realtor is named Jon, my friend B.H.'s husband is named John, the last date I had was with a guy named Jon. The auto glass guy's name is John. Weird.... (OK, maybe it's just me!)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals

Yesterday I was looking forward to getting out of the office and coming home to report on the activities of the week. But seems fate, destiny, Satan, whatever, had other plans. First, due to a sick employee, I couldn't leave early because I had to close the office. At least the phones were quiet and no customers came in. Five o'clock rolled around, I grabbed my stuff, and headed out to my car. I opened the driver's door, climbed in, and closed the door behind me. And hear the sound of falling glass. I turn around and see this:

Yes, somehow, someway, the back window of my car was shattered. It didn't look like anyone had backed into me, and I couldn't tell if someone had actually tried to shatter it. A call to my insurance company resulted in three transfers and the news that I have a $500 deductible, and glass replacement costs around $150, so they weren't even opening a claim. Great. No claim, no rental. Nowhere secure to leave the vehicle. Frustration frustration frustration.

I ended up leaving my car at my aunt's house and borrowing her car. I called the glass guy who works across the street from my office this morning and he quoted me the $150. Unfortunately, he can't call his distributor until Monday, and the earliest he would be able to replace the glass would be Tuesday. More frustration. At least he dangled the carrot that it might actually be cheaper than his original quote.

And then I decided I'm just NOT frustrated enough, so I call the cable company to complain about my intermittent internet connection. I got caught up in the automated hell that is their system and after cussing the automated lady, she finally decided she couldn't understand what I was saying and transferred me to a real person. In the Philippines. Who didn't even know what day it was. AND who kept asking me the same dumbass questions over and over again.

I finally dragged the information I wanted out of him--yes, the local office is open this morning, and yes they have a modem on hand for me to pick up. Then he started asking me if my computer was booted up, if the connection was working, and that if I get bumped again then I will need to exchange the modem. At this point I realized I really could escape this moronic hell. I said "seems that was the plan all along" and hung up. I love the end button on the phone.

So, in a bit, I get to go see the cable people in person. AND I get to go to my new realtor's office and drop off my earnest money for the house I signed a contract on this week. Yes! I found another house! This one is in better shape than the first, and I am getting it for less money. Sweet! It is one of many foreclosure homes in our area and was the only one I looked at on Monday that was in any sort of good condition. I can't wait to get into it and start making it my own.