Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Movie of My Life

So, when someone finally decides to stop recycling old TV shows into campy movies and pays more attention to stories about regular folk, I would like to suggest myself as a subject. I even have the opening credit shot.

Picture this: a wide shot of a near-empty warehouse with my character--played by Angelina Jolie (of course!)-- wearing casual business wear and heels. She's walking along at a steady pace when suddenly, she TRIPS over NOTHING!! She rights herself and just keeps on walking to a doorway. This movie, of course, will be a black comedy.

Yes, that is me. I can walk across a completely bare floor in my bare feet and trip over nothing at all. I always have bruises on my legs I can't remember getting. Usually I have to compare it to the height of a piece of furniture. (This one on my shin is about dishwasher door height, this one on my hip exactly matches the height of the dresser....) I pretty much stopped wearing shorts to the bowling alley because everyone kept asking who was beating me up. I will probably be the only person to show up in the ER with a black eye and my response to the "how did this happen" question will be a truthful "I walked into a door." My boss has actually watched me walk into the doorjam of my own office. Or after a fall down the stairs: "the cat tripped me." I probably need to baby-proof my living area just for my own safety.

On the brighter side... the sun is out, the temps are rising, and the snow has melted. Such ends a Texas winter.

My car window is fixed and I had to laugh when I walked over to take a look at it--there's black tape holding the window in. I joked with John about that being the reason why he was so much cheaper than the others. LOL!! But seriously, it's holding the window in place until the glue dries. I can take it off tomorrow. It is not, in fact, yet another redneck shortcut to repair.

I must be off. I have a secret mission I will report on later.

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