Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Not much happening these days except work and an addiction to watching all 10 seasons of CSI as quickly and as often as I can. It's pretty cool. How have I not been watching this show for the last several years? Probably because I've just now started watching cop shows. OK, so technically they're scientists, not cops, but whatever. I like the science behind it--the fingerprinting, DNA, trace, autopsies, etc. I have, however, learned that anything involving eyeballs really really really grosses me out. I've got to stop eating whenever I watch it. (I also now have a deep need to find myself a real-life Nick Stokes. I heart him. Yes, I know I'm not 12.)
Anyway, thought I'd drop a note for the holiday to the three of you who still check out this blog regularly. Hope your day is stuffed full of good food.