Wednesday, March 5, 2008

If You Can't be a Good Example....

at least be a horrible warning.

In my ongoing efforts to protect the world from repeating my horrible mistakes, I like to pass on things I've learned the hard way. Last night was a big one. Ready? Here goes....

DO NOT smash your thumb in the door one hour before you have to be at the bowling alley for league night.

It really would have been better for my team if I had just stayed home after that. My thumb is still swollen and getting it into that ball last night was an exercise in torture. Despite just getting the tip of my thumb into the ball, I still managed to get it stuck quite often. Every release it felt like my poor thumb was being ripped off.

I was bowling like crap and just trying to grit my teeth and get through three games when in the second game the ball and my thumb refused to part ways somewhere towards the end of the game. My arm swung up, and up, and the ball refused to release. My arm was almost above my head when basic physics took over and the ball flies up in the air, pain explodes up my arm, the ball goes straight up, comes straight back down, hits the lane, and bounces magnificently into the gutter. I turn around to see my team, other teams, and my friends with varying looks of disbelief and hilarity on their faces. It was one of those Funniest Home Video-winning moments, and no one had a danged camera! I was doubled over cradling my arm and hand and hysterically laughing my butt off because it was so funny (hey, if you can't laugh at yourself!!) and almost crying because my thumb and now my arm hurt so bad.

I managed to pull myself together and at least get the ball aimed at the pins on the next try. I think I might have hit one or two that time. The last game is still a blur of pain and I finished the series with scores of 90, 101, and 110. (My average is 134.)

Thankfully my teammates did well and we managed to take the series from the number one team. That's what teams are for--even when you're the lead weight around their necks dragging everyone down, you can still come out a winner. Here's to you, B.H. and Wawas. I raise my battered thumb in your honor. I'd raise my arm, too, but it hurts too much.


  1. And we'll still let you remain on the team...because, after all, we are a team! And it was fun watching the ball soar over your head. I'm sorry that you had to go through so much pain. had better be well next week when we take on the team that I think we just surpassed. They'll be gunning for us!

  2. Geez, I give you entertainment, and then you want skill. I can only manage one at a time!!