Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm So in Love with You, Honey

Tuesday, I fell head over heels in love. Again. This time, it's for real. I swear. He is the absolute sweetest, gentlest guy I've ever met. And I think he loves me too! In fact, we've already moved in together and things are going swell!

Now, Mom, before you grab the phone and call to yell at me, look at his picture and you'll see why I'm so in love.

This is Tom Jones, and I found him at the SPCA. He's about 12 pounds with big ol' snowshoe feet. He just purred and trilled when I found him and started petting him through the bars of his cage. Of course I was hooked. We walked out together that afternoon. He likes to cuddle and is very polite--he has this quiet meow that is so sweet! He reminds me so much of Nicky.

I have to admit that it hasn't been completely smooth sailing since we got home.

haven't exactly welcomed him with open paws.

Turtle treats him with complete disdain. No reaction when Tom comes up to him, he just turns his head away and gives me a look that clearly says "I can't believe you did this to me again." But I'm certain he will thaw soon. He always does. I just have to make sure he keeps getting his fair share of attention.

Sam is very vocal in his disapproval. Every time he even thinks Tom is anywhere near, he flattens himself on the floor and starts hissing, spitting and growling. He hasn't gone after Tom and attacked him, and Tom just ignores him, but this has got to stop! I can't take the stress. He got shut in the bathroom this morning just so I could get a little peace. This evening I got out the water bottle to spray him with so I wouldn't have to keep yelling at him.

Things will be a bit snug around here until we move into our new house, but I think we will survive until then. If not, Sam will probably get dropped on my sister's doorstep. (Not that I can really stomach the idea of giving up one of my pets, but sometimes a divorce is the only option!)

One last pic for the night. Here's Turtle sacked out earlier this evening on his favorite new bed. It's a blanket I crocheted just using rectangular blocks of color. No pattern or gauges, I just kept going until I ran out of yarm. I call it a modified log cabin pattern. B.H. calls it my blanket of many colors. All the cats love it because it is so soft. I love it because it is warm!

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