Saturday, February 2, 2008

Meet the Pe(s)ts

Now it's time for a segment I like to call: Meet the Pets.

This is Turtle. (aka Turtle Dove, T.K., Shi**head)

In this shot he is posing for the website Doesn't he look thrilled?

At the ripe old age of 16, he and I have been together longer than most married couples. And I think sometimes we get along just that well. Most times he yells when I'm late getting home, late feeding him, late getting out of bed to feed him, spend too much time in the bathroom, and these days he yells when Sam bugs him.

He became my roomie back in 1998 when my boss at the time moved and gave him and his brother Nick to me.

A few months ago he went blind in his right eye, so he sticks pretty close to the beaten path. No more wandering for this kitty!

This is Sam. (aka Sammy Sam Samminaminam, Samuel L. Catson, Samonella)

He came to live with us at Thanksgiving after moving onto my patio and refusing to leave. I tried to ignore him when he cried at the door. I refused to feed him no matter how much he begged. I even tossed him over the fence in my efforts to discourage him from sticking around, but he was going nowhere. Finally, my nephew broke the impasse when he simply pointed out that it was really cold outside and I really should let him in.

He hasn't gone back outside since. At least he came to me litter trained.

Not sure how old he is, but I would place him at no more than 2. He races around chasing and playing with anything he can get his paws on--especially any drinking vessel left on any flat surface. We're working on training to not touch those anymore after he dumped a glass of milk on the living room rug. And I have to remember to put such things in the sink before he can get to them. Other things he likes to do--wash his feet in the water bowl after using the litter box, play in the toilet, and race around yelling like a mad man. I think it's some sort of kitty war cry.

Last, but definitely not least, in the kitty department is Nickel. (aka Nick, Nicky, Nickelas Nickelby, Doodlebug, Fat Cat).
Nick is 12 and currently lives with my grandparents. He's a big 'ol Persian mix who--when he sits around the house, really sits around the house. He's a definite wanderer who simply cannot do well in an apartment. Hence the reason why he lives with the grandfolks. I think I have lost permanent custody of him as he has Granddad trained to do his bidding and he has their neighborhood wired to his liking. Based on his bulk, I would say he has several neighbors feeding him. He comes and goes as he pleases, and is just too much of a wanderer to stay inside all day, or survive the dangers of city living. Don't worry folks, he's neutered and up-to-date on his shots.
That's it for the cats. I never thought I would be in my 30s, single, and have 3 cats. Somebody put my name on the spinster wall!
I'll chat about the bunnies and how they came into my life in another post.

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