Monday, March 3, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

Ahhh, what a day. It's cold, rainy, and getting worse. But at least I didn't have to wear a box on my head to get from my house to my car this morning (yeah, I warned you, B.H.!)

My realtor dropped off my contract at the HUD office this morning (sidenote: I love how he keeps saying "our" in reference to everything. Cute!) and I now get to sit and wait patiently for the next 7-10 days for them to finalize it (not easy to do when you have OCD) and then I get to do my inspection and cool my heels until the closing date. Which--according to my calculations--should be the day before my birthday!!

OMG!! I could actually start moving into my own home on my thirty-*cough* *cough* birthday! Erk! I have to say that I never thought I would be this age and purchasing a home all by my lonesome, but such is the case. I never thought I'd be doing a lot of things on my own, but that's the way life is. No sense worrying over unspilt milk. And it took a lot of therapy to say that. LOL!!

Now if I could just convince S.G. that I don't want to automatically marry every guy she introduces me to. She's like a matchmaker on speed. Our phone conversation last night went something like this:

S.G.: Guess who will be at the bowling alley Tuesday night at 9?
Me: Ummmm... me?
S.G.: And.....?
Me: Ummm... no clue.
S.G.: Josh!
Me: Who? (sorry Josh!)
S.G.: My brother-in-law!
Me: Oh! OK, now I remember!
S.G.: You two really need to hook up, and then when you get married, my kids' godparents will be together!!
Me: (silently) Eeeekkkk!!!!!!!

All right. I haven't met Josh yet, but after reading his MySpace blog, I think he's pretty danged funny and someone I will probably enjoy hanging out with. As for meeting and heading straight for the courthouse for a marriage license, umm, I'm going to have to throw on the brakes here. The more I feel pushed into something, the less likely it is to happen. More than one poor guy has been chilled by my icy reaction when I feel like I'm being pushed. My buddy Timmy thinks I should patent that frozen stare. It's like an Antarctic Blue Steel (and if you get that reference, you're all right in my book!)

I actually kind of like my quiet, dorky life. I can get up in the mornings and not worry about morning breath or how high up my hair is sticking. And I can bum around on the weekends wearing my glasses and looking like my alter ego Super Nerd Girl. (shhh--she fights evil at flea markets with crocheted scarves and dusty books!) It's going to take someone pretty special to get me to open up and allow him in to see that. I'll have to love someone a lot to share closet space, wash his dirty tidy whities, and clean up his kitchen messes. Not that I consider myself perfect (although I am!) but at least my messes are my messes.

On a completely different note: my car window is getting fixed tomorrow! Yippee!! I can return my aunt's nondescript sedan to her and get my fun little Tracker back. But she's not too thrilled about driving it the 17 miles to get here with the busted back window. I have to admit, it is a bit chilly for that.

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