Sunday, March 2, 2008

Random Sunday Thoughts

Around 8:30 this morning there was a knock on my door. Now, I can't remember the last time someone I know showed up unannounced, so needless to say, my first instinct was not to answer the door. Especially since I was dressed in a nightshirt I've owned since high school. (So that makes it at least *mumble*-teen years old). I peek through the peephole and see my friend S.G., so I open up the door while trying to hide my ratty nighty behind the door and wishing my hair wasn't standing on end. She laughs, hands me a breakfast burrito and a litter box, and heads back to her car, with me yelling "thanks!" after her. LOL!! You have to know S.G. to understand our friendship. She keeps threatening to give me her kids at least twice a day. The burrito was because she was out on a breakfast run and the litter box was because it was new and she no longer has a cat.

Spent most of today just trying to get my apartment in order so I can start packing. And when I say "in order" I mean wandering about trying to decide what I won't need before the move so it can be packed. I managed two whole boxes before I gave up. I love how with every move I start out trying to be super organized and have all the boxes labeled with their contents and which room they go into. The day before the move I know I will just be tossing everything willy-nilly into boxes and deciding to sort it out later.

Worked on a few crochet projects I've been trying to get finished and realized I still haven't posted the baby blanket pics. I took the pics with my aunt's camera and am still waiting for her to email them to me. When I called her today to ask for them, she told me that blanket is in the baby bag my cousin is taking to the hospital. Awwww! Baby Noah will be coming home covered in my handiwork. Guess that answers my question about whether or not she liked it! The little one is due April 1st, but my cousin is ready for his arrival. She is huge and miserable!

Last thought for the day: Ever think fate is trying to tell you something? Evidently I'm supposed to meet someone named John. My mortgage guy's name is John, my realtor is named Jon, my friend B.H.'s husband is named John, the last date I had was with a guy named Jon. The auto glass guy's name is John. Weird.... (OK, maybe it's just me!)

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