Saturday, March 1, 2008

The feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals

Yesterday I was looking forward to getting out of the office and coming home to report on the activities of the week. But seems fate, destiny, Satan, whatever, had other plans. First, due to a sick employee, I couldn't leave early because I had to close the office. At least the phones were quiet and no customers came in. Five o'clock rolled around, I grabbed my stuff, and headed out to my car. I opened the driver's door, climbed in, and closed the door behind me. And hear the sound of falling glass. I turn around and see this:

Yes, somehow, someway, the back window of my car was shattered. It didn't look like anyone had backed into me, and I couldn't tell if someone had actually tried to shatter it. A call to my insurance company resulted in three transfers and the news that I have a $500 deductible, and glass replacement costs around $150, so they weren't even opening a claim. Great. No claim, no rental. Nowhere secure to leave the vehicle. Frustration frustration frustration.

I ended up leaving my car at my aunt's house and borrowing her car. I called the glass guy who works across the street from my office this morning and he quoted me the $150. Unfortunately, he can't call his distributor until Monday, and the earliest he would be able to replace the glass would be Tuesday. More frustration. At least he dangled the carrot that it might actually be cheaper than his original quote.

And then I decided I'm just NOT frustrated enough, so I call the cable company to complain about my intermittent internet connection. I got caught up in the automated hell that is their system and after cussing the automated lady, she finally decided she couldn't understand what I was saying and transferred me to a real person. In the Philippines. Who didn't even know what day it was. AND who kept asking me the same dumbass questions over and over again.

I finally dragged the information I wanted out of him--yes, the local office is open this morning, and yes they have a modem on hand for me to pick up. Then he started asking me if my computer was booted up, if the connection was working, and that if I get bumped again then I will need to exchange the modem. At this point I realized I really could escape this moronic hell. I said "seems that was the plan all along" and hung up. I love the end button on the phone.

So, in a bit, I get to go see the cable people in person. AND I get to go to my new realtor's office and drop off my earnest money for the house I signed a contract on this week. Yes! I found another house! This one is in better shape than the first, and I am getting it for less money. Sweet! It is one of many foreclosure homes in our area and was the only one I looked at on Monday that was in any sort of good condition. I can't wait to get into it and start making it my own.

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