Monday, March 24, 2008

That's All I Need--More Crap

Haven't posted much recently because let's face it, I just haven't felt all that sarcastic. But things are looking up. We have a new baby in the family--Noah Daxton was born on Thursday and came into the world weighing a whopping 6lbs. 10 oz.(I still have yet to see him, even though he was born in a hospital not that far from where I live). He arrived a bit early because my cousin had toxemia, so they induced on Thursday morning.

New babies are great, so long as they aren't mine. I like to do the spoiling, the buying of noisy toys that I won't have to put up with, and the "Isn't he precious? Now go home" thing. I prefer the bragging about how cute they are to the actual raising. Just ask my coworkers--they have been forced to see every one of my nephew's school pictures, and I just bask in their praise.

More news: the closing on my house is set for April 18th. Yippee! Not sure which I am looking forward to more--the actual ownership of a house, or the seven vacation days I am taking in order to paint, repair and move. Tough call, since I haven't taken an actual vacation since I started this job!

My mortgage guy is great. I've said that before and am saying it again. He's great. Mostly because he won't bullshit me. As he was leaving my office the other day after getting me to sign away my life for the next 30 years, he told me he's not the kind of guy who sends baskets of junk when people buy houses. Aw damn! Didn't he know that's why I got myself into this whole thing?? It's for the gift baskets of crap I don't need!

Hey, I'm thankful I dodged a bullet there. LOL. You should see all the stuff I have to move. I've got a one bedroom apartment stacked full of boxes, more stuff in my aunt's garage, and even a few pieces of furniture stashed in a storage unit. I keep forcing myself not to go shopping because I'm sure there are forgotten treasures hidden away in boxes (and probably a ton of crap I can get rid of, too!)

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