Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's it all about, Alfie?

OK, so I keep looking for someplace to discuss the things that matter to me, in a much more laid-back way than some of these other blogs are written. I'm kind of a "whatever" type person, anyway. Give me plain English over hoity-toity five-dollar words any day (although I am fairly well-versed in such lexicon.) Starting this blog also opens up an opportunity for my friends and I to discuss life and share ideas--and rip on each other for poor showings at the bowling

I just bought my first house and have been traumatized by the whole searching, lending, bargaining, you-mean-I-still-have-to pay-how-much? of it all, so that will probably make up
a good bit of my first few posts. Next will be how I get out of my lease. (Anyone need a 1 bedroom roach motel??) Then moving, and the whole DIY phase of life as I put my personal stamp on the house.

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