Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh, My Aching Feet!

I hate shoes.

Wait, I take that back. I love shoes, especially pretty high heels. I could spend all day in the shoe store lusting over all the different models. I love spending hours on So my problem really isn't with shoes. It's wearing them that's the problem.

I wear shoes because society demands it and to avoid having my feet shredded as I walk across glass-strewn parking lots. I wear shoes only as long as it takes me to get home and kick them off. There's a pile of shoes immediately to the left of the front door because that's as far into the house as I get with them on.

But alas, my aversion is coming back to kick me in the rear. My feet hurt. I'm pretty sure it's plantar's fasciitis, which is small tears in the tendon that runs along the bottom of your foot from your heel to the ball of your foot. It seems that running around barefoot, or in flipflops (my version of "shoes" in the summertime) damages the end of the tendon at the heel. Which is why I want to scream in pain when I get out of bed in the morning, as I walk around, and even as I sit here with waves of pain radiating up through my ankle.

What is the main treatment for this condition, you ask? According to the web, it's... shoes. Closed heel, slight heeled shoes. All. The. Time. Which means, other than the obvious no going barefoot, that my closet full of flip-flops, slides and high heels are a no-go until my feet get better. But I also have the issue of pain when I wear my Reeboks. My right foot hurts in more places when I stick it in a fully enclosed shoe.

So, I broke down and called a podiatrist to see about getting further treatment and to make sure my self diagnosis is correct. I have an appointment two weeks from now. By then I might need a wheelchair.

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