Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chock Full O' Crazy

I woke up this morning pinned to the bed by three cats--one on each side and at my feet. It took me a few minutes to work my way out from under the blankets. Of course, it was cold, so I was almost immediately trying to find my way back in.

Evidently the cool air exhilarates Sam, because he's run around the house, inside and out, meowing and attacking whatever crosses his path. Watching his antics in the windowsill was pretty funny, especially when he fell off the ledge. (oh come on, it's not even two feet high!) He'll run for a bit and then just drop to the floor for a quick rest. Right now he's outside chasing leaves. Cat's just crazy. The other two are in bed sleeping--one in the guest room and one on my bed. Think I might join them in a nap.

Check that--I just saw crazy cat running across the street. As soon as I opened the front door to fuss at him he changed direction and headed back to the house with a "dang! she caught me!" expression.

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