Saturday, November 22, 2008

Like Sacks of Wet Cement

So, remember the episode of WKRP where Mr. Carlson and Herb do a free turkey giveaway and their big idea is to throw them out of a helicopter? Poor Les Nessman standing in the parking lot watching those birds rain down. "Oh, the humanity!" It was funny and horrific all at once.

Well, Sarah Palin's latest brings that to mind, only without the funny. At least on WKRP we knew it was fiction. Geez Louise! "Friend to animals?" Give me a break! I saw the article but in no way could I bring myself to actually watch the video. Enough said. If you haven't seen it, I'll let you Google it yourself. I'm not attaching that crap to my blog. But dammit! Would someone PLEASE stop pointing a camera at her????

Bought a new Christmas tree and already have it set up just to let the boys get used to it before I put any decorations on it next week. So far they've pretty much ignored it, but we'll see what happens when Sam's "turdness" kicks up.

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  1. Yeah, even though I eat meat I could never bring myself to kill my own - if it came to that, I'd just go veg again. People who insist they are animal lovers, and yet enjoy killing them, are just beyond me.