Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Signs of Dain Bramage

So Becci commented that losing words is not as bad as forgetting one's own name (which she can't/won't admit to!) At least she's not feeling like she's losing a game of Million Dollar Pyramid to herself.

Other things just as bad:
1. Unable to answer the question "Did I take a shower today?"
2. Constantly having to ask "What did I come in here for?"
3. Being surprised by your reflection in the mirror because you forgot what you looked like.
4. Is this my house?
5. Why is my alarm going off?
6. Do I have underpants on?
7. Who are all these people?
8. What was this list about again?
9. What am I supposed to do now that the election's over?

That's it, I am signing off so I can continue my descent into madness. Will blog from there, as long as there's wi-fi and someone loosens the straps on my straight jacket. I hear they have pudding.

(On a completely side note, tomorrow's my sister's birthday. I think she'll be 29, possibly 30. I don't know. I forget.)

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