Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Winning the Lottery

I've realized that if I stand any chance of winning the lottery, I actually have to buy a ticket. But it's a nice dream, though, to think about having millions suddenly rain down on you.

The first thing I would do is quit my job, of course. I love my boss dearly (he is the greatest), but let's face it, working only gets in the way of sleeping late. And it interferes with my happiness.

Let's just talk about reason number 3454 why I would walk away from this job today if given the opportunity: team projects (this is also reasons #20-3453). I am being pushed into making a decision on a project that quite frankly seems wrong, nor is it the best option. However, everyone else on the "team" has decided on this particular action and are leaning heavily on me to agree. See, they can't get anywhere without my agreement because I would be the one doing the work of changing the data. In my opinion, I haven't been given enough evidence that this is the way to go and I want to make certain it is actually the best option and not just the easiest before I agree to it. Their stubbornness on this particular issue has left me so angry I can barely think straight. And I've already taken three walks around the building just to try to calm down. (I really need to stop reading my email!)

Which leads me to another great benefit of winning the lottery--no more conference calls! No more stress rash, no more weight gain from stress eating, no more customers, no more alarm clocks, no more business wear, no more no more no more! (Can you tell I really need a vacation?!?!?!)

I didn't win the lottery, but I won the battle. Through a series of long emails, I thrashed my opponents soundly about the head and shoulders with scathing logic and rationale about how it would be better to fix the problem than simply deleting the information that got in the way. Gee, seems the easiest solution was to fix the programming after all! *does a happy dance*

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