Friday, December 5, 2008

Death By Chicken Pot Pie

If a food's gonna kill me, I'd rather it be chocolate. Preferably a river of it. But Swanson's Chicken Pot Pie? The ramen noodle of chicken pot pies? Ugh.

The small chain grocery down the street is convenient. That's about it. I ran in to grab something for dinner last night and ended up getting the aforementioned pot pie at the fantastic special of 3 for $2. Headed home and threw one in the oven.

It wasn't that appetizing, but after a week spent eating nothing but potato soup and drinking cough medicine, I was ready for a change.

Well, to keep a story from getting disgusting, I'll just say it wasn't the change I needed. And I wasn't the only one--Turtle had finished off what was on the plate and he was tossing his cookies too. We went to bed early and just hoped to survive. Sam's still sneezing (which sounds like a cross between an explosion and a hiss), although not as much, and needed to cuddle. We crashed out on the bed while Tommy--no doubt disgusted by the three of us--decided to sleep elsewhere.
So now I'm back to feeling craptastical. At least it's Friday and I can sleep all weekend.

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  1. I've never been able to bring myself to eating pot pies. Ick. Oh, and I am adopting the word, "craptastical." That word had me laughing.