Friday, December 19, 2008

My Cat's Broken

I took this cute picture of Turtle last night warming himself in front of the space heater (yeah, I know, I have a fireplace--it just hasn't been inspected yet.)

Isn't it wild the positions cats can get into? It looks like someone put him together wrong. This one's had me worried because he's dropped a lot of weight and didn't want to eat. I've spent a lot of money on special senior cat food and supplements this week, both of which he'll barely touch, but since the temperature's gone back up, he's perkier. Guess it was just too cold for him.

And here's a couple of the other two. Or more. They've been pretty cute lately.

Here's Tommy under the tree in the craft room. Tommy hanging out in the clean clothes basket. He was upset that I discovered his hiding spot. Sam getting a bath. Sam snoozing hard under the table in the craft room.

Turtle planted his butt in the midst of the Christmas village last night, but I wasn't quick enough to get a shot of it.

And here are some shots of the before and after of the Christmas decorating in the living room.

Doesn't everyone have paint scrapers and bottled water in their living room floor?

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