Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This New Year Smells Just Like the Old One

Here's some advice: don't leave leftover food in your office garbage when you're going to be away for a few days. P-Yew! That sour cream I enjoyed with my quesadillas the other day didn't age so well.

So, it's the sixth day of a new year. The only thing that's changed is the date. I still have a desk piled high with work and deadlines that are causing a ginormous headache. Not to mention the fact that my computer got infected with malware and shut down my access to the database I need to be testing. So work is pretty much on hold until the IT guy gets here and fixes it! Yay. Can I go home? I really hate having to sneak in computer time at someone else's desk just to get database access. Not to mention the fact that I don't have my email or documents when I'm at someone else's computer. Seriously, can I just go home?

Spent New Year's with my nephew. I made it until midnight, wished him Happy New Year, and hit the sack. He wasn't tired, so I left him to play with his Nintendo DS. (My only instructions were don't leave the house, don't cook anything, and don't set anything on fire.) He didn't go to sleep until well after the sun was up. Yes, around 11 o'clock he was getting pretty quiet, said he was feeling dizzy, and then he passed out asleep. Mountain Dew and chocolate can drive a kid a long way.

Hope you all had a pleasant Christmas , your new year is advancing swimmingly, and that your garbage smells much fresher than mine!

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