Thursday, February 12, 2009

Movie Reviews and Raccoon News

Becci loaned me her borrowed copy of Wall-e last night and I must recommend it to everyone. My jaw was agape for about the first 10 minutes of the movie. It was a good lesson in what can happen if we continue to let wastefulness, slothfulness, dependence upon technology, and self-centeredness overtake us. The scene of two severely obese guys side by side on their hover chairs talking to one another via video screens was rather horrific. Not in a blood and guts kind of way, but in a vision of what could be kind of way.

After that I watched College. Drake Bell from Nickelodeon's "Drake and Josh" was in it and I have to give him a thumb's down. I've watched "Drake and Josh" a few times and hearing the f-bomb coming from Drake in this movie just made me want to wash his mouth out with soap. (Does this mean I'm getting old?) The entire movie was just another attempt to make a lackluster version of Animal House with some American Pie and Superbad thrown in. Fail. The entire "teenage boy trying to get laid" genre needs to be put on ice. And Verne Troyer needs to stop whoring himself out for cliched cameos.

During all the movie watching, I also got to watch Max the raccoon devour a bowl of cat food. It was pretty danged cool! Because of the rain the other night, I left his food in the house beside the cat door. I know, I shouldn't be encouraging him to actually come inside the house. But when he popped through and started eating, what was I to do? It was adorable! I had to sit really still so I wouldn't scare him off, and the MGM lion roaring on one of the movies scared him witless, but he sat and ate for a good long while.

I thought he was done and gone for the night once he polished off his bowl of food (and can I say he's the noisiest eater I've ever heard?), but there was evidence to the contrary this morning when I walked through the living room to find my couch covered in Hershey Kisses wrappers. Dude, we're gonna have to have a chat. You can eat all the cat food you want, but paws off my chocolate!

No sign or word of Tommy today.

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