Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obla-Di Obla-Da

Life goes on, eh?

Sam and I spent the weekend trying to get used to it being just the two of us. (Oh, and Max the rascally raccoon who is becoming more of a pain in the butt than a novelty. More on that in a bit.)

Sam seems a little lost without the other two around. Tommy always bathed him and they would snuggle together on the bed. He'd pester Turtle until there was a chase, although in the last week or so, Turtle wasn't able to do much of anything. Habitually vocal, Sam's still talking a lot, but not so loudly. The sad look in his eyes just breaks my heart. He's also climbing up in my lap more for snuggles and he's taken Turtle's position next to me on the bed.

Every time I walk into the house I expect Turtle to be asleep on the couch. And I keep walking into the bedroom as soon as I get home in the hopes of finding Tommy stretched out across the middle of the bed snoring away. The double-whammy of losing them both in one week has really knocked me down.

Not to mention the fact that I've also caught a cold. At first I thought the sore throat and headache was from crying so much. No such luck. The sneezing and coughing kicked in Saturday afternoon. My nephew was over on Saturday and he told me I looked really tired and I had bags under my eyes. (Thanks kid, thanks a bunch.) But he made up for that when we were at Wal-Mart looking at the elliptical machines and he asked me why I would want to get skinnier. Yep, completely redeemed himself.

But the house is still lonely, I'm still sick, and the raccoon ate the giant Hershey Kiss I got at the bowling tournament and was saving for a rainy day. This means war! The raccoon is now banished to the outdoors. He will no longer be allowed to consume my sweets. Last night I gave him a handful of caramel popcorn in his bowl out on the patio and locked the cat door.

Of course, Sam didn't take too well at first about having his freedom curtailed--he spent the first 20 mintues clawing at the cat door trying to get out. Drove me nuts! Eventually he curled up with me and slept. I reopened the door this morning and he was glad to have his freedom back.

Have to run. It's bowling night. Last week Roger bowled a perfect game, which meant his team wiped the floor with us. But we were happy he finally got his first 300. (I just hope he doesn't do it again anytime soon!)

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  1. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you that Tommy will reappear. I hope you feel better soon!