Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jake Goes Shopping

We needed cat food today, so I figured a trip to Petsmart was in order. And I took Jake with me. Why not? The place encourages bringing pets, although 98 percent of the time it's just dogs visiting the store.

I put his little harness and leash on him and we got in the car. There was a little freak-out moment when we went outside, but he did all right.

In the store, I stuck him in a cart and kept his leash lead short. The smell and noise of all the dogs made him nervous, but he calmed down once we got to the cat section. We shopped for kitten food and new toys (he got a 12-pack of furry mice and a feathery sisal toy), as well as a scratching post.

Jake was something of a minor star. All the people who saw him were amazed to see a cat in the store. And the fact that he was on a leash really blew their minds. One of the employees recognized him and he cuddled with him for a bit. Jake only chomped on his thumb once. Austin helped us pick out a few chew toys over in the dog section in the hopes Jake would find something else to bite on other than me. Spoiled kid got a rubber ball and a small size loofah dog as well as the other toys.

We got to the checkout and a little girl just about wet herself over the cute kitty. I very nervously let her pet him and feared that he would bite her, since he hasn't been shy about chomping on everyone else. He behaved himself and she even gave him a kiss on the head. Whew! I would not have wanted to deal with her mom if he'd bitten her.

Jake rode quietly in the backseat with his scratching post all the way home. As soon as we got in the door, he headed straight for the litter box. What a good little kitty!

At dinnertime, I gave Jake a can of kitten food and Sam a can of adult. The pig disguised as a kitten ate both of them, which probably explains the odiferous emanations that are occurring right now.


  1. When my boys were little, I picked up a scratching post for them in hopes that they would go after it instead of me and the furniture.... I did make a deal with them, were they to use the scratching post and not me, they would have been allowed to keep their claws.... well, I kept my end of the deal... After their six-month mark, I haven't been clawed since. I've never had to deal with the biting thing except for when Aristotle gets into super play mode. I've never felt Plato's teeth.

    Oh, and Jake sure does seem to be a good feline model.

  2. Jake is a cutie. There would be more pics, but I can only shoot him when he's asleep or dozing. There's not a camera out there with a shutter speed fast enough that can capture a kitten at full speed.

  3. Tell me about it.... I could only get streak shots of my boys when they were little.