Monday, March 23, 2009

Late Bloomers and Spring Showers

Here's an interesting turn of events. Izzy's not a girl. She's a he. Remind me not to trust other people's sexing of kittens.

Yes, little no name kitty (he's stuck with this until I settle on a more manly moniker) stuck his tuchas in my face the other night and made me realize in no uncertain terms that pink is not his color. In amongst all that black fur was the unmistakable presence of two tiny peanuts.

Now I'm stuck with all this cute little pink cat stuff. Oh well. What will they know? Jake seems to like sleeping on the pink blankie more than the others anyway.

As for names, I'm considering Reggie (for Reggie Jackson), or Ripken (for Cal--and I can call him Rippy.) I've had other cats named for baseball players before--Mickey was named for Mickey Mantle and Tommy was named for Tommy John. I am also considering Sinjin, which was the name of a character in a book I read a while back. Don't ask me the name of the book because I've read a few hundred since then. All I can remember is that the character lost a limb, but the name's always appealed to me.

Opinions on this matter are most welcome.

Well, I'm off to get some more flowers planted in the ground. Hopefully I can get done before any rain gets here.

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  1. I have seen more men wearing pink shirts lately. This cat's just that much more fashion forward. My vote is for Rippy, as I am a huge, huge, huge, huge Ripken fan. You could also go for Yogi or Bucky for Buck O'Neil (Negro League).