Friday, March 6, 2009

No. 2 No-No

Or I could have snobbishly called this post "My shit doesn't stink."

Anyhow, I might be a bit late to the party on this one, since I have found this product reviewed on several sites, but I was introduced to Poo-Pouri yesterday while visiting with Celesta at Nole's General Store in downtown Denton.

According to their site, Poo-Pourri is a mixture of essential oils that you spray on the surface of the water in the toilet before you "do your business." It forms a barrier that traps those gnarly smells so your true purpose in the bathroom is not given away. No more "courtesy flushes" you might say.

It has a light citrusy scent that doesn't overwhelm and is very pleasant and subtle.

I have to say, even without having used it (yet), that it's a great alternative to that coconut-scented stuff my aunt has in her bathroom. It's a dead giveaway to the family and the poor soul exiting the restroom is typically subjected to the teasing question "been making pina coladas in there?"

Now, a little spritz of Poo-Pourri, and for all they know, you've just been reapplying a little body spray. Comes in a 2 oz. travel size so you can tuck it into your purse as well as a larger 4 oz. They've also added other scents to their line.

Even though most will look at this as a novelty product, it's still a fantastic concept. And as you know, girls don't poo. And we don't sweat, either.

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