Monday, March 9, 2009

Where Am I?

And where's that big orange ball that hangs in the sky?

We had some changes occur here at the office. Thanks to cutbacks, (or R.I.F., to stick with current terminology) I lost a full-time employee and we've had to reshuffle the schedule. Now I'm coming in an hour earlier and leaving an hour earlier. It's great for the afternoon, but ungluing my butt from the bed in the mornings is already getting to me. (Not that I leapt out of bed eager to face the day at a "normal" hour.)

And now with the time change, oy vey!

So I'm a little more tired in the mornings. But now I miss the school traffic and my commute time was cut down to 6 minutes. Sweet! Plus, I miss rush hour in the afternoon. (You know, that rush hour sometimes made my commute a whole 10 mintues long! *dodges shoes thrown by disgruntled commuters*)

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