Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Gnat Just Flew Up My Nose

I was really trying to ignore these pesky little boogers after this morning's tirade, but then I read the paper. Seems there was a tea party here in Denton yesterday with 900 to 1000 people in attendance.

Now, I work downtown, so I really would like to know where all these people parked as they made their way to the courthouse. When I left work, I certainly saw no evidence of an incoming flux of people. So, I really have to question the number they are stating.

And, let me just drop another quote, this one from the Denton Record-Chronicle, on ya--"Although (name deleted) had already paid her taxes, she held a freshly made sign stating that she shouldn't have to pay them until President Obama shows his birth certificate."

Um, excuse me? What? You actually took the time to go out and purchase posterboard and markers to make that sign???? I almost choked on my mint when I read that. You are protesting paying taxes that you've already paid by saying you shouldn't have to pay them until the man we elected President shows you his birth certificate????

Oy vey! *throws hands in the air* I worry about America.

If taxes and spending are truly such a large issue, where were these protests 8 years ago?? If I had walked around with a sign then saying Bush was unfair and our liberties were being taken away, I would have been painted un-American. So would a lot of us. Instead, we used the most effective way of mounting a protest and voted in November. Remember that? That day when a majority of Americans (definitely a few million more than the ones who participated in these ridiculous tea parties) cast their votes for change? Millions of Americans knew we were being sucked dry by the government and used the greatest power available to us to instigate change.

It doesn't happen overnight. You can't flick a switch and all this will be better. You question and learn and find ways to survive. Cutting off spending is definitely not the way to do it. Spending smartly is the way to go. Introducing oversight on the banking industry is not a step towards socialism, it's making certain the taxpayers don't get shafted again.

I will pose a question to those who participated in the tea parties. If you so fear socialism, will you refuse to cash those Social Security checks?

Didn't think so. The government "owes" it to you.

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