Friday, April 17, 2009

One Last Comment on Secession

I was going to let the whole thing drop, since Mr. Perry is doing what politicians do best--backpedal faster than his little legs can carry him, but I checked in on The Mudflats this morning and got a good chuckle. (I'll post a couple new pics of the boys for ya at the bottom to wash the taste of politics out of your mouth.)

To quote our popular Alaskan blogger:
He’s probably just some grizzled old, livin’ in seclusion, grumpy eccentric out
there on a well-fortified ranch, who likes to stick his thumbs in his pockets
and puff out his chest and say to the president, “Yeah….(spits tobacco juice on
the ground)….you got a nice ‘union’ and all, but you better watch it Mister.”

What? That was Rick Perry, the governor of Texas who said that? But
Alaskans are the ones that are supposed to say, “We don’t like the feds around
these parts.”

Go on over and read the rest: Texas Has Stolen Our Meme, and This Cannot Stand.

And one of the commenters posted this tidbit coming out of Georgia: Georgia Senate Threatens Dismantling of USA.

Stupidity is everywhere, people.

And now for the sorbet, I mean, the boys..... drumroll please....

Izzy getting a bath from Papa Sam.
Snuggles in the cat bed (although Jake seems to be losing ground, there.)

And a closeup of my little snake eater. Yes, he caught his first garden snake. Remind me to stay on guard when I ask the question "what do you have in your mouth?" Jake did the same thing two weeks ago.

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  1. Okay, so I had some comment in relation to the session, but then I read the part about catching garden snakes and that did it for me.