Monday, June 8, 2009

Brief Vacation Update

Finally finished getting the laminate flooring down. Hallelujah!

Just need to get the threshold strips and a bit of quarter round put down in order to finish up completely, but I've already rearranged the furniture, dragged the bookcases back in and unpacked the 25 boxes of books and DVDs.

I also uncovered 16 fake furry mice when I moved the sofa and chair. That answered what happened to most of them. Now I just need to find the rest. I also found one buried in the backyard under some grass clippings. I knew Izzy'd been taking those things outside. No telling how far down the street he's carried them.

Now it's on to the next project. Or maybe a nap. I'm voting nap. Especially since it's what the furrballs are doing.

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