Friday, June 5, 2009

Love's Lizard Lost

Tonight's new "toy:"

A lizard.

Izzy popped through the cat door a little while ago with something dangling from his mouth. At first I thought it was another snake, but thankfully it wasn't long enough. As soon as I tried to stop him, he took off running into the kitchen with me hot on his heels.

I grabbed Izzy and he dropped the lizard, now sans tail, and it started running around the kitchen floor.

Because the poor creature was still alive, I had to try to rescue it. And so began the battle between human and kitten for a tiny reptile. We went side to side in the kitchen, each trying to get to it first. I kind of dropped the ball on the whole "rescue" when it ran over my foot and up my leg.

Izzy pounced and nabbed it one more time, but it wriggled loose and ran under the refrigerator. And now he sits, watching and waiting for it to emerge.


Izzy gave up on the lizard and went back outside. Next thing I know, he was racing back in through the cat door with a baby wren in his mouth. The poor thing was screaming, so I was immediately on the chase. Izzy went to ground in the utility room, so I wrested it away from him and returned it outside. I dumped it in a hanging pot and can only hope it stays put until the hunter goes to sleep for the day.

I'm starting to think the little wanna-be jaguar needs a cage.

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