Friday, July 24, 2009


As promised, here are a few photos of the new kids. They've been busy, digging holes and settling in. I'm still working on some of the more cosmetic aspects of the pen. And filling in holes. And moving rabbits out of holes so I can fill them in.

In this picture, left to right, are Sophie, Jack, Penny, Robbie, and Anna Lee. Susie opted out of the photos. These guys are snuggling up with their ice block on a hot summer day.
Here's Big Daddy Robbie giving Penny an ear wash. Anna Lee is the little rebel. She and her mother (Sophie) are the ones most likely to do something naughty. Last Saturday Anna Lee made a break for it and spent some time wandering the back yard with me following, trying to catch her, and hoping she wouldn't discover one of the holes in the fence.

Izzy couldn't stand it and started chasing her. They disappeared onto the patio and only Anna Lee came back. Not sure what happened, but Izzy gave up the chase and went in the house. Guess I have to put it down as bunnies 1, cats 0.

And just as a flashback, here's a pic of Jack when he was a baby.

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