Saturday, October 10, 2009

RIP Jack Rabbit

Despite the morning bunny races, today is also a sad day around here. I watch the buns playing in the yard and think about Jack. Today's his bunny funeral.

He slipped into the neighbor's yard Wednesday and was attacked by their dog. I don't blame the poor dog, he was in her yard and she was just doing what dogs do. The rain had washed away the dirt beneath the fence at a low spot in the yard and that's how he got out. The neighbor was kind enough to bring him home and put him back in the pen while I was at work.

Jack held on until Thursday night when he suffered a seizure and died. But thanks to the rain all the rain we've been getting, the yard is currently under water, so I couldn't bury him yesterday. So what to do with a deceased bunny? I did what any morgue does and refrigerated him.

Yes. I have my dead pet bunny in the refrigerator next to the milk. It would have been the freezer, but I didn't have room.

So weird.

Thankfully the water level in the backyard has gone down and the weather is predicted to be nice, so I can bury him today. The grumpy little lump of bun will be missed.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Jack. I remember once as a kid, I had my hamster in the freezer until my mom came home for the funeral. Yes, the hamster was dead before she made it to the freezer.