Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spot the Real Fiction

Well, Turtle is at the vet this morning getting his teeth cleaned. It's possible he could lose a molar, but at least he's been a little perkier since taking the antibiotics. And it's been easier on me just popping that pill down his throat instead of getting every drop of liquid medicine in there. He was pretty ticked by the time we got to the vet's office. My car now needs to be thoroughly detailed to recover from the poop and vomit on the back seat. Or maybe I'll just light a match. Kidding! I only have 4 payments left on that car and it has to last quite some time....

On to other things... I have an uncle whom I like to refer to as "the Republican Propagandist" because he will send out any email that makes fun of the Democrats and puts positive spin on the Republicans (yeah, I know, I almost couldn't type that last part! LOL!!) Today I got an email titled "Hillary's Dream." This one cracked me up not because the photoshop pics put Hillary in fictional settings, but because of one little thing in this "Driving Miss Daisy" parody:

Someone please tell me when you've ever been able to get a paper sack at a Wal-Mart!!

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