Friday, February 8, 2008

Craft Project Friday

I took the day off from work to take the cat to the vet and take care of some other personal business. Turtle has a massive dental infection and has to go back on Tuesday to be put under for a cleaning. In the meantime we get to take antibiotics. At least this time it's capsules instead of liquid. I'm tired of cleaning that stuff off the walls. And it tastes horrible! We had an incident last round when Turtle knocked the eye dropper with his paw just as I was squeezing the medicine out and it flew right into my mouth. It took a good five minutes of scrubbing with cinammon toothpaste just to get rid of the taste. And that stuff left a stain on my couch! No wonder my poor cat would rather fight to the death before he took it.

The vet will also be taking a closer look at Turtle's blind eye while he's out just to make certain there's no tumor or cancer involved.

After all the drama of driving the cat to and from the vet (at least this time he didn't rip strips of flesh off the poor doc), I decided to work on some craft projects that I've needed to finish and/or start.

The first project was finishing the crocheting of a felted purse. I got the body of the purse sewn together, and the handle created and sewn on. Now I just need to finish the project by washing it in hot water to shrink it, which will tighten the wool together enough to disguise the individual stitches. This is the first time I've done this, so I'm hoping it all comes out well. Here's a before picture. I'll post the after when it comes out of the wash. And since I live in a tiny apartment with no washer and dryer, I have to take it to my aunt's house tomorrow.

My other project today was a decoupaged recipe box. I've spent a month picking out the right paper and paint. The scrapbooking boom has given us a plethora of designs to choose from. I also picked out a grab bag type selection of letters to use to spell out "recipes" on the top of the box.

Here's a picture of the near-finished item:

I was thinking this was a pretty cool-looking little project, if I do say so myself, when I noticed something wrong. And no, I didn't misspell "recipes."

I realized I put the letters on the lid upside-down....

Wouldn't be so bad if the lid weren't cut at an angle. If it were straight I could just turn the thing around. Well, at least it's something I was planning on keeping for myself. But I will forever know that I screwed it up. It really messes with my OCD, but at least I can laugh at my own idiocy.