Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fat Free Cookies Just Aren't Worth It

Stuffing yourself with fat-free cookies when you're depressed just makes things worse. At least the gooey goodness of the real thing gives you a temporary high when you eat it. I'm just chomping on chocolate-colored cardboard--which really makes me even more unhappy.

What's wrong, you ask? The inspection on my house came back on the horrible side. Twenty-six pages of issues. After seeing it for myself and reading the inspector's report, I'm wondering how the roof hasn't collapsed from all the buckling rafters in the attic. Oh, and evidently the garage is sinking, causing quite a bit of foundation damage, and pulling the rest of the house with it. So, I canceled my option on the house, told my apartment management that I won't be moving in March after all, and am now dumping all the renovation plans I had mentally made.

On the bright side, I got out of a money pit before it got hold of me, I am prequalified for a mortgage, and am now more of a veteran at shopping for homes. I think I might take a break for a couple of months, save some more money, and then go back to it. Here's hoping interest rates will still be good, and the market will offer more choices by that point.

Until then, I'm off to find some decent cookies.

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