Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cat Reactions to Political Discourse

Okay, so I was ranting about the ridiculousness of some of the things going on with the election. Seeing as how there are no other adults in my house, I was forced to rant to the cats. And as you can imagine, their reactions were rather, well, cat-like. Here are their feelings on the subject (or at least what I can infer from their expressions):

I really don't care. Now move. You're blocking the TV while I'm trying to watch Animal Planet. You know it's a new Meerkat Manor!


Could you not shout so loud? I was out late hanging with the neighborhood cats. And this orange wall is giving me a headache.


I hear what you're saying. Good arguments for all of it. However, I'm gonna vote for McCain if you don't get some food in my bowl now!

(And of course, this was completely made up as these pics were taken some time ago...)

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