Monday, November 17, 2008

Aw Dang!

song chart memes
more music charts

I thought this was hilarious. Evidently my chances are getting pretty low. Might as well give in and snag myself a few more cats. LOL!! For more, go to This site is also connected with lolcats, punditkitchen, failblog, and others.

Boring around here tonight--Tommy's sacked out in the living room floor and who knows where Sam and Turtle are. I was actually considering looking for a heated toilet seat like the one on "Two and a Half Men" tonight. Maybe I should get back to some of my projects around here.


  1. Apparently whomever created the chart hasn't met my two boys... on a good day.

  2. How funny! When I got divorced, I told my parents I was going to start fostering dogs. They promptly asked me if I never planned on dating again. The thought is still appealing...for both reasons!

  3. Yay! New people making comments! Thank you, and welcome! (Now Becci won't feel so alone. LOL)