Monday, November 17, 2008

Lord Love These Ladies!

Becci sent me a link to what has to be one of the greatest blogs ever. I was completely hooked by the second sentence. It is written by two ladies in their 80s and they are not afraid to say what they think. To quote Helen: "even if you watch your p’s and q’s you can still spell bullshit." (I've already mentally hugged her like a million times already!)

Can I just say I wish she was my grandma? In fact, the pic they have on their site reminds me of my grandma and my great-aunt who were pretty dad-gum funny themselves! If this blogging stuff had been around when Aunt Thelma was alive, we'd really have had an interesting view of the world! She would always come out with some of the craziest sayings.

If you've got time and want to see a couple of octogenerians' view of the world, stop in over at Margaret and Helen. Their welcome mat's always out. Plus I hear they've got cake!

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