Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Sam-Aversary!

Well, it's been a year now since Sam moved onto my patio and refused to leave. I can definitely say life has not been the same. Quiet has been replaced with loud, calm replaced with crazy. Not to mention that despite being the youngest, he's got an overpowering need to be the alpha male. One thing about him though, he makes the best guard cat and is great at patrolling the perimeter.

Despite the fact that he drives me nuts with his incessant meowing, I love the little fart.
I put together a little photo essay to commemorate our first year together...

Taking a moment out of his busy schedule of running up and down the stairs at the apartment.

Playing with his favorite toy--a hawk's feather.

Coming to grips with his neutering.

Giving himself a timeout.

Getting Tommy to do his grooming for him.

Getting picked on (he walked backwards around the livingroom trying to get that thing off. )

And last but not least, being cute.

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  1. "Coming to grips with his neutering." That one had me in stitches!!! (pun intended)