Monday, November 24, 2008

The Kind of Day I'm Having

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(I think this guy and I have the same ears!)

Woke up this morning wearing a cat as a hat and breathing in fumes that smelled like three-week-old fish. And I thought I had bad morning breath! I need to start feeding him more kitty breath mints. Evidently Turtle's new favorite place to sleep is on my head. My neck now has a permanent crick in it.

This being Monday, I didn't get to while away the morning lying in bed watching TV. Damn. Instead it's up and dressed and into the office to take care of paperwork and put out fires. At least it's a short week thanks to the holiday. Plus, I'm taking off on Wednesday. Yay! Two-day work week! (As long as there are no disasters. It's been known to happen.)

Real quick, let's chat about this auto industry bailout. OK, seriously, these guys have balls. I mean, they screw up their businesses, wonder why no one's buying cars, ask the government for help, but refuse to change anything or make any concessions. Not to mention showing up in their private jets and acting like they can't understand why anyone would be upset over that. Hey Dingus--Thanks for rubbing your wealth in our faces while we struggle to pay the mortgage and buy food!

Let me say this--if I owned a business that had been successful and in demand, but it tanked because I couldn't manage it properly or refused to change with the times, well, sucks to be me. Too bad, so sad. It's called the free market. Consumers are going to spend their money at the places that offer what they want to buy and at prices they want to pay.

If I managed to find an investor interested in helping me save the business, it's guaranteed he would want some changes made in the way things are done so his money doesn't get tossed down the tubes.

I have this to say to the "Big 3": If you truly want to rescue your companies and use government funds to do it with, then you need to make products that fit today's consumers. I'm talking greener, more fuel-efficient, and affordable! I'd love to buy a hybrid, but can't afford it. When it comes to choosing between a new car and paying the bills, well, I'm just going to keep driving my paid-off Chevy Tracker for a while longer. Get off your asses and refit your plants to produce products this world needs.

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  1. Now I feel halfway guilty for the mouse traps I set up... thanks!

    Oh, as for the important stuff: Green is good. I'm hoping that more automakers will get on board, as I would love for my next car to be green.