Thursday, November 20, 2008


That was the subject line in an email from my boss yesterday wherein he sent me a link to the following story about a trailer that was being moved to a new location, broke down, and blocked the freeway for several hours: Sheriff Order Destroys Home.

He said:

sad? funny? incredible? absurd ...

read some of the comments
after the story, too

this is my old kentucky home

I read the story, and while I felt for the woman's heartbreak over the loss of her house, the writer of the article threw in so many extra details that it took a downward spiral towards absurd.

First, she's a 35-year-old grandmother. Not so much absurd as "Oh Mah Gawd!" I mean, I'm 35 and have no children, much less a husband to beget them with! I really really hope the reporter put in the wrong age.

Second, the Sheriff's reelection slogan was "More 'Dick' in 2006!" On my knees laughing about that one!

Next there was this:
To be fair, the partial closing of U.S. 68 for some nine hours on a Friday night is pretty major in Nicholas County, where Garrett Tuesday was reviewing a Mayberry-like constituent call concerning a thwarted attempt to snatch a fresh cherry pie from a kitchen.

My boss and I were giggling and laughing so hard by the end of the story that we were wiping tears away! It was a horrible bit of schadenfreude, but come on! To safely move a mobile home, you do need more than a guy named "Pancake" and a farm tractor.

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