Thursday, November 20, 2008

No Dogs Allowed

Was browsing through the Google ads on my page and discovered that there is an All Cat Hospital in the area (Hebron Pkwy in Carrollton). OK, so it would be a drive to get to, but Texans are used to driving long distances to get anywhere.

It is interesting that a veterinary hospital has chosen to specialize in cats only. Just goes to show how many people own cats. And let's face it, look how tense things gets when you're waiting in the vets office surrounded by dogs while holding a cat!

I once took Turtle to a cats-only vet when we lived in Fort Worth. He hated it! And I'm not talking about plain ol' going-to-the-vet hate, I'm talking the most virulent hissing, snapping and scratching--not to mention pooping-- reaction you have ever seen! It took three of us to hold him and was the only time in his life he was actually happy to get back into his carrier. And even then he kept hissing. The vet actually asked me if he was always that aggressive. Needless to say, we never went back.

Evidently the smell of other species doesn't bother him as much as smelling a bunch of other cats. Which is why I like our country vet. His name is Nub and is the calmest of all the vets we've ever been to. He has seen all of my pets--cats, dogs, bunnies. Can't say Turtle likes him, but he hasn't tried to go for his jugular, either. At least not yet.

So, yes, cats-only hospital good, but not for a particular cat named Turtle.

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