Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Almost Here!

The day AFTER Christmas! I can't wait!!!!

Does anyone else out there suffer Christmas burnout? I mean, you get all excited at Thanksgiving about putting up the decorations and the prospect of actually having a nice holiday, then it heads downhill because you have to try to find presents for people you only see about twice a year while dodging elbows and carts in crowded stores, and then manage to survive the reckless driving on the streets outside the mall. Not to mention the baking of 12 dozen cookies (with only minor burns) and the knitting of scarves and caps.

By the time Christmas actually gets here you just want to shove a pie in the face of the nearest relative and tell everyone to kiss your holly jolly butt. Especially when some kid turns up his nose at a present and whines "that's NOT what I wanted!" Ungrateful little brats. Kids in China worked hard to make that!

Just three more days and it will all be over...

In the meantime, here's Tommy with a special message:

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