Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stuff Roundup

OK, it's been a few days since I posted anything. Once the auditor left, my brain was fried and staring into space seemed the easiest thing to do.

Now that I've had time to reboot, as well as catch up on some housework, I figured I should catch up on some of the week's happenings and observations.

First-- Blagojevich. What an unbelievably egotistical idiot. I can see it now, a new term to add to our already overstretched verbiage. "He really Blagoed that deal, didn't he?" Dude, just resign and get fitted for your orange jumpsuit already.

Second--auto bailout. Stalled in the Senate. Hmmmm, really? Politicians have decided not to hand out more money to beggars who mismanaged their business? Wow. That really is one for the history books. Think Bush will take back a little from the banks to give to the big 3? Or should I say "2" since Ford has decided they don't need money. Yet.

Third--OJ Simpson. Finally! Justice has been served and his reign of terror has ended.

Fourth--Jon Stewart's interview w/ Mike Huckabee. I must say it was interviewing genius. Stewart really nailed him on the whole gay marriage issue. He can twist that knife better than anyone on network. I so love him.

Fifth--inflatable Christmas yard decor. These are really cute for the few hours each night that they're inflated. The rest of the time it just looks like there's been a horrific massacre up and down the street.

Sixth--Capitalism. Not all capitalism, just the people who decided to capitalize on Sarah Palin's "pit bull with lipstick" quote. I was walking through Hobby Lobby and came face to face with a display of wall plaques with that quote on it. Gross! I almost dumped my basket and left the store.

That's all I've got for today. Back to laundry and dishes. More later, and possible pictures of Christmas at my house--it looks like the holiday threw up in the living room.

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  1. Inflatable Christmas yard decor also looks horrible in town home subdivisions. Just one of those inflatable things takes up the entire postage stamp. Yep, people use them anyway. I'm more of a lights person.