Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Ice Baby--Too Cold!

Everything is covered in ice outside. It'd be pretty if it weren't so damned cold and I didn't have to be at work.

That's one of the problems with being a manager and working in the industry that I do. The "show" must always go on. The office has to be opened so the phones can be answered and reports must be generated so tomorrow can happen. And that's just our department. We can't just shut down because of the weather even when all the schools and government offices are closed.

On days like this my morning begins really early. I monitor road conditions and prep myself to head to work early in case the person scheduled to open can't make it. I really worry about something happening to one of my employees on days like this (not to mention our delivery force.) I just wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened to one of them on their way to work. I'll take the responsibility of getting here on time and let them get here as they can.

But I do have to fight off panic. It's not an easy task. I've been in two accidents caused by icy conditions. I managed to hold it together while driving this morning, but as soon as I got into the office, I had to take a few minutes to get the shaking to stop. (I've always been one of those people who falls apart after the disaster.)

Now that everyone has made it safely to work, I'm ready to go home and go back to bed. But right now that would involve driving on icy roads again. Thankfully this is Texas, so the ice should be gone by noon. I just have to stay awake until then.

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  1. We had ice up here in MD. Like you, I've been in a few accidents due to nasty weather. I refuse to drive when there's ice. I caught a ride in with a coworker instead.