Monday, January 26, 2009

A Real Stick Up His Butt

It's been a while since the boys pulled something new. These three furrballs have gotten into so much that it's almost impossible to for them to do anything I haven't seen before. I mean, these are the cats who have napped in the fireplace, gotten locked up in the attic, gotten into fights with stray cats inside the house, and stuck on the roof (not to mention the broken dishes, poop, vomit, and other disasters.)

But last night was definitely a new one. Tommy came running into the bedroom with Sam following close behind. I thought Sam was just picking on Tommy in his usual fashion, but no. He was trying to catch something that was stuck to Tommy's rear end. Sam's got OCD, and once he's fixated on something, it's almost impossible to distract him from it. So it took me a bit to get rid of him and get Tommy to stop and let me see what was going on.

That cat had somehow managed to sit down on top of a two-foot long branch from a rose bush. And with the long hair, the thorns tangled up in the hair on his butt. His hair's so thick he probably never felt a thing.

I really, really wish I had gotten a picture. But I admit I was laughing too hard. He couldn't walk without the end of the branch hitting something. I really wish I'd seen him coming through the cat door with that thing sticking out sideways! And of course, the more he moved, the more tangled the thorns became. I tried tugging on it, but that thing was not letting go! So, just to keep Sam away from it, I snipped the stick short and snipped a few smaller bits in his hair just to make sure he had full movement. It's going to take a bit to work those thorns and tangled hair out. And let me tell you, cats DO NOT like it when you use scissors near their sensitive bits!

I got home from work and found Tommy sacked out on the bed with the two short pieces of stick beside him. He must have spent all day getting those things out of his fur. Thank goodness he saved me from having to do it!

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  1. "And let me tell you, cats DO NOT like it when you use scissors near their sensitive bits!"

    I'm doubled over laughing on that line!!!