Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday. Dang.

I was just starting to enjoy the weekend and now it's over. Of course, I was home sick on Friday, so that added a day to my weekend, but it doesn't really count when you can't stray far from the little girl's room or the bed. And the weather on Friday was gorgeous! I managed to open the bedroom window, so I did get to enjoy a small portion of it. Now it's back to cold. Plus they've added rainy and winter weather advisory to the mix. I hate weather.

Feeling better--at least well enough to go out and spend some money yesterday--and of course am back to work today. Bleh. Same old stress. Same old feeling of ever-encroaching burnout. I so need a vacation. I don't care if I just sit at home for a week, I just need to get out of this office! I am sick and tired of this blasted system update that has dragged on for over a year now and we aren't even halfway through all the rounds of testing. The thought of having to repeat all the steps and tests three more times makes me want to vomit. Even worse are the meetings. Oh My God! Can we work instead of talking about it again???? (Not the mention the fact that since the beginning I've requested NO MEETINGS on TUESDAYs because I have other work that MUST be done. Guess what--4 hour meeting tomorrow! *bang head on desk*)

So, I'm at the point of wanting to turn my car around and head back home every morning before I even get here. I wake up trying to find reasons not to come into the office that day. Forget motivation--just wait out the hours until 5 o'clock. Yep, a vacation is definitely in order.

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