Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photo Essay Wednesday

Here's just a few pics of some of the stuff I've been working on at home. I've mentioned them in past posts and thought one or two of you might like a follow-up.

Picture #1
New siding:
We couldn't get the exact same siding, so this has to do. Am thinking I need to redo at least the entire front of the house to match. This is it after painting. No more rotted boards!
Picture 2:
Bob the "stray" dog. Haven't seen him in a few days, but I took his pic while we were hanging out.
Pictures 3-5:
The craft room. Finished at last! I found the table and two wooden chairs this past weekend at a flea market and a garage sale, respectively. Now I just need to get that green paint off the enamelware tabletop and repaint the chairs. (The director's chair is something I've had since high school--never let it be said I let anything go!)

Note the chalk portraits of the furrballs on the closet doors. I love chalkboard paint! I'm not sure Tommy's thrilled with his likeness, though (see photo below.) He had to oversee the final placement of furniture and cleaning of the room.
Next we have the sign on the door. Every good witch needs one of these! I made this one night before Halloween.
And last, here's my latest really cute find:
My patio and front walk are filled with turtles (and just so you know--the cat came to me named Turtle. I didn't give him that moniker!) so when I found this little guy and his bunny buddy, I couldn't resist. Plus, I got it at Ross!

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  1. I love the chalkboard doors!!! I was thinking about replacing my sliding closet doors, but you just gave me a creative alternative!!

    I love the paint colors as well. I've never been one for white walls.