Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Feeling Feverish

Spring feverish, that is.

Oh, how I wish I was anywhere but here, today! I would prefer to be cleaning my patio than sitting in my desk chair. I'd even take mowing the lawn. Now that's sick!

It's supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny today.


On another topic, I finally figured out one of Sam's issues. For the past week, he's been attacking my feet every morning when I walk down the hallway. This morning I realized what was going on--he misses playing chase with Tommy. Duh. I can't believe it took me so long to catch on. Those two used to chase each other all over the house every morning. One would chase in one direction, then they'd switch and go the other direction.

So this morning I played chase with Sam. I think I might have freaked him out a little at first, but he caught on. And I had a good laugh.

And speaking of freaked out, I got home last night to find Sam posted on the welcome mat at the front door looking traumatized. I couldn't imagine what possibly could have happened until I got into the house and looked out on the patio--a package I'd been waiting for had been delivered and the UPS guy had stuck it on the back porch. Evidently Sam didn't know what to do about a stranger entering his back yard, so he refused to go back there until I got home. Frankly, I'm embarrassed the UPS guy saw my junked up patio.

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